basara東信 / basara toushin

神奈川県横浜市 / オフィス・飲食店舗 / 鉄骨造 / 5階 / 805㎡ / 写真:中村絵









It is a building in front of Kanazawa Hakkei Station in Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama.The plan was advanced with the redevelopment in front of the station.

In front of the station, new middle and high-rise buildings and condominiums were built by redevelopment, while in the place a little away from the station, there were old-fashioned private stores and detached houses mixed together.

“basara” is a word that represents the social climate and cultural trends of Japan’s Middle Ages, and is a facility name that expresses the atmosphere of this city.

In such an environment, it was planned meticulously to create a structure that would set it apart from similar buildings in the surrounding area and that would not stand out from others.

That is the answer to the contradictory thesis that it gives visibility to the exterior of the building from the inside and creates a sense of unity as a building facade that is not affected by the interior of each floor.